What is Art Drop Gallery?

 Art drop is a place for artists, designers, collectors, companies, and all other lovers of the arts are able to come together and support each other's passions. It is no secret that in the art world, it can be very difficult to make a name for yourself. Art drop helps up and comming artists connect with collectors, companies and potential fans through the use of other social media platforms and threw our contest driven platform. Our Job is to connect art lovers with new inspirational art works and talented new artists.

Why use Art Drop Gallery?

For Artists:

 We know how hard it is to get your beautiful works infront of an audiance. After that, there is still the stuggle of trying make any sort of a living out of your hard work. With art drop, we integrate both of these tedious steps by promoting your art work on facebook, instagram, google, and youtube. We then guide prospective clients directly to your profile, where they can purchase your prints or art works. Our job at Art Drop is to do all the tedious stuff, so you can focus on creating masterpeices!!

For Collectors